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RACE Tech is the research and development division of BSS Technologies located at Mumbai- India. It is BSS Tech management’s special interest that a good percentage of our annual profit is wisely invested in the areas of Researches in electronics and software’s and develop new products. These are spend either directly in our facilities or in close co-operation with our raw material suppliers facilities. A wide variety of designs are developed in house and selected to customer satisfaction, strictly in accordance with the quality standards, Environmental conditions and material. New technologies are selected with thorough knowledge and fully understanding the properties and behavior of the products.

  • I would like to express what exceptional service I experienced when I spoke with one of the team from BSS. He was absolutely an amazing help!!... He was very helpful, pleasant and courteous and made sure that I had completely finished the install and everything was in working order before I let him go. MMaharoof, CEO, FTT Business Solution, Dubai
  • I was working on a deadline and your firm's ability to support me with an immediate solution, even though I couldn't provide a receipt, was the best customer service I've received in a LONG time!! Suahas Udykumar, COO, Business Consulting, Oman
  • Since moving our work with BSS my team is spending at least an hour less a day on project management... Mr. Ahmad Bin Kassim, VP, Azure Technology, Kuwait
  • Customer satisfaction is added advantage... Mr. Zaakir, Honeywell, Bangalore,India