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Anti Fouling System
What is Marine Growth (or) Fouling?
Marine Growth (or) Fouling problem arises when barnacles, mussels and other lower forms of marine life as larvae enter in the piping system of the ship and settle on the internal surface where they rapidly grow and multiply. 

Effects of Fouling:
     • Impairing the heat transfer system.
     • Overheating of several water-cooled machineries.
     • Increase in the rate of corrosion and thinning of pipes.
     • Reduced efficiency which can lead to loss of vessel speed and loss of time.

Anti Fouling System:
Anti Fouling System is based on the electrolytic principle and the system consists of copper, Aluminium anodes which are fed with an impressed electrical current from the control panel. 
Benefits of our Anti Fouling System:
     • Reduction in power requirements
     • Low maintenance system
     • No handling or storage of chemicals required
     • Environmentally acceptable


The cathode is formed with an insulated steel frame containing copper and aluminium anodes making use of impressed current system basics. The anode/cathode unit is suspended / placed at the pump inlet so that all the water entering the pump must pass the electrode unit. Dosage levels of copper ions are extremely small and measured in micrograms per litre of seawater. Therefore, relatively small quantities of copper are required to provide protection dependent upon the flow rate and life required. Anti fouling system consists of two parts “the electrode unit and the control panel. The electrode assembly contains mainly copper anodes. Aluminium Anodes are used in combination with copper in some applications. The actual number and size of the anodes is calculated to suit each installation and available space for mounting the electrode unit. The anodes are connected to the constant current rectifier located within a safe area. For variable pump flow, an intelligent logic is utilized in power supply to provide right dosage of ions.
Types of Anti Fouling Systems:
Basically there are three types of systems
1.Conventional Grid Anti Fouling System
The conventional grid Anti Fouling system has the capability to deliver ions in the open sea at the mouth of the pipe or channel which is at risk of fouling.
2.Strainer Anti Fouling System
Strainer Anti Fouling systems are fairly small units shaped like strainers and are attached at the mouth of the pump inlet. These systems are mostly vertically installed.
3.Skid Mounted Anti Fouling System
Skid Mounted produces the copper ions in a process vessel. The produced treated water is then delivered to the right part of the inlet in the right proportion to set the required ppb level.

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