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AC Mitigation Computer Modelling

Computer Modelling:

The computer modelling of the AC interference between overhead powerlines and the buried pipelines has been carried out using the Safe Engineering Services software “Right of Way - Induced AC Prediction Program”.

Power line Data Required for Computer Modelling:


•Power line cross section with conductor spacing details.

•Datasheet/Details of conductors and ground wires. 

•Substation and Power plant locations with GPS coordinate.

•Substation and power plant grounding system.

•Structure, substation details and grounding details & ground resistance value, earth impedance and Power Distribution.

•Phase Transpositions in the power line.

•Single line diagram of associated networks.

•Tower earthing expected/designed resistance.

•Tower earthing design details.

•Tower Design with Phase wires, earth wires design impedances.

•Phase normal load, emergency load and fault load at towers.

•Pipeline diameters, wall thickness, coating type, and thickness, burial depths.

Normal Load Condition:

•Phase to Phase energizing voltage

•Magnitude and angle of present and future peak load currents

•Maximum load unbalance for each circuit

•Maximum harmonic currents

Faulted Condition:

•Current contribution – Fault Current Phase to Ground

•Future Expansion

•Fault duration & fault type

•X/R ratio

Site Based data collections:

Soil Resistivity:

•At  depth of 1m, 5m, 10m, 20m,30m,40m

•At each 20km intervals

•At GB locations (Existing or proposed)

•At all exposed structure locations such as

•valve sites

•Pig launchers

•Pig receivers

•metering stations

•regulating stations

•Compression stations etc

•Locations where one more powerlines deviating significantly from pipeline & vice versa

•At phase transposition locations

•At powerline crossings

•At power plant locations

•At substation location

•At location where the pipeline is so close to the power line structures

Power line Parallelism:

•Power line span & rating.

•Distance of own pipeline from the center of power structure (Centre of tower or pole).

•Distance of own pipeline from the edge of power structure (from outside of the nearest

tower leg).

Power line Crossing:

•Power line location 

•Power line rating.

Pipeline Parallelism:

•Pipeline dia & span.

•Distance from New pipeline

Pipeline Crossing:

•Pipeline crossing location

•Pipeline dia

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