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Implementation of AC Mitigation Measures
Need of AC Mitigation Measures (For Parallelism):

As per the NACE 0177-2007 the steady state induced AC voltage not more than 15V.   

Based on the AC Mitigation Computer Modelling results, if the steady state induced voltage more than 15V there will be mitigation measures are required.
AC Mitigation Grounding Materials:
  •  Polarization Cell Replacement (PCR)
  •  Zinc Grounding Cell
  •  Zinc Ribbon Anode

Polarization Cell Replacement (PCR)

Polarization cell Replacement widely used as a DC decoupler and AC mitigation device that allows AC current to pass to a ground while blocking the DC current intended for the cathodic protection of the structure. The cell consists of a container filled with a Potassium hydroxide solution (the electrolyte) into which stainless steel plates are immersed and alternately connected to the cell terminals. One of the cell terminals is connected to the structure and the other to ground (or if used to protect an insulating joint from AC, the terminals are connected across the insulating joint).




Zinc Grounding Cell

Zinc Grounding Cells are used for AC Mitigation. This is used to bleed the induced AC from structures. Zinc Grounding cell can be installed at High Voltage O/H line parallelism or crossing.Zinc Grounding Cell consisting of one, two or four standard zinc Anodes separated by 1” insulating spacers. Nominal resistance of a two Anode Grounding Cell in a wet area is 0.2 to 0.6Ω. Nominal resistance of a four Anode cell is one fourth to one half that of an Anode cell. The Grounding Cells are packed in Standard Zinc backfill (75% Gypsum, 20% Bentonite and 5% Sodium Sulphate) either in a unit of one, two or four.


Zinc Ribbon Anode

Zinc Ribbon Anode is used in a variety of applications; for cathodic protection especially in marine applications, AC Mitigation on structures. To overcome the small impurities which are always present in the base material, conventional zinc alloys contain Aluminium.Zinc Ribbon Anode is a very simple, cost effective maintenance free method to Corrosion control for buried or immersed metals useful for unattended applications; where an external power source is not applicable.



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